Extended Reality Enterprise Solutions

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality transforms reality into a playground of infinite possibilities.


Augmented Reality combines reality with virtual reality.

Augmented Reality expands reality. The use of this technology opens up a new spectrum of possibilities.


Augmented Reality is a valuable tool for the presentation of virtual objects in a real environment.

Imagine you can transport and present all shelf variants, displays or new products in your tablet - regardless of the environment.

Projects based on 3D data can be transported and presented using an AR-enabled mobile device at low cost. The technology can be used in any industry and can redefine existing or new processes with the right approaches. With VIRAO's internal Augmented Reality technology, models that have already been tested in virtual reality can be brought into reality based on the Digital Twin theme. This is completely platform-independent and can be used on the most common operating systems (iOS, Android, Microsoft Mixed Reality, etc.). Imagine you can transport and present all shelf variants, displays, new products or comparable items in your tablet - regardless of the environment.



The VIRAO Platform ARetail combines the potential of AR with retail.

The ARetail platform enables the placement of virtual objects in reality. Using sophisticated AR algorithms, the environment is automatically detected and mapped. Through this process, virtual objects can be anchored in reality, completely without the use of outdated marker systems or comparable.

The functional scope within the platform allows a free use of the application, even with large amounts of data and complex individualizations. The cross-platform structure enables the virtual objects to be used on other end devices and operating systems.


AR has long since ceased to be a hype topic - work with VIRAO to unlock the full potential of the technology in retail and beyond.

Contact us without obligation and we will work together to implement your ideas and concepts. We are also happy to use new technologies from the VIRAO XR FutureLab or concept ideas from other areas.

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