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Virtual Reality Study Wins Award

Oath Smart-Home Study Wins IAB Research Award


Our innovative Virtual Reality study offers insightful research findings: advertising in the smart home sector can demonstrably achieve a high impact. This is the result of our exclusive research, which we conducted together with the Verizon subsidiary Oath and the media agency Pilot.

In order to investigate the impact of advertising in the smart home environment, we placed various advertising formats in a virtual apartment using an interactive refrigerator, a digital assistant and augmented reality elements - and examined these in turn in various scenarios.

The first-time combination of quantitative attention, behaviour and survey data finally made it possible to break down exactly which advertising was particularly well received by the subjects of the VR study.

VR-Research: Research results on the effectiveness of Smart Home

As part of our unique Virtual Reality study, we used the following advertising media in the smart home environment: a TV spot, an augmented reality banner, a product placement and audio sponsoring.

For example, the study showed that the TV spot used here was well remembered by a streaming provider: Overall, 94 percent of the test subjects had at least one visual contact with the commercial, which was the only advertising medium shown in a scenario. In the follow-up survey, 42 percent were able to remember the advertised brand unaided. The average attention was also raised and was 28 percent per millisecond. Without visual contact, the recall for the advertised brand was 13 percent.

The effect of the TV spot was only reduced when an augmented reality banner with advertising for a cheese brand was simultaneously placed in another test group: The average attention for the spot was only half as high at 13 percent and the advertised brand was only reminded by 33 percent.


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