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Virtual Reality

Virtual realities open up new possibilities in the B2B segment.

Immersive virtual realities with VIRAO

VIRAO has been developing virtual realities since 2013, making them one of the first companies on the market.


Virtual Reality who? A meta-trend with big goals

Software for virtual worlds has been used in a target-oriented and profitable way since the 1980s, for example in the development of STAR WARS. Around 1990, the first VR headsets came onto the market, albeit with a failure. But the expectations of the technology could not be fulfilled, because the technological prerequisites were not yet given. With the second phase of VR headsets around 2012, led by Palmer Lucky under Oculus, the step into completely immersive virtual worlds began. The big VR hype started and in 2019 we are already on the market with B2B solutions that find meaningful use in daily life. VIRAO has been there since the hype phase and will gladly accompany you into a disruptive and virtual future.

Virtual Reality as a B2B tool in retail

Added value through virtual testing

Complete shop systems or displays can be entered with the help of Virtual Reality. Test installations well before they reach the initial production stage and save valuable resources and time. Virtual testing in fully immersive environments can almost completely replicate real testing, except for the haptic properties of materials and surfaces. Why produce many prototypes when they can also be tested and iteratively improved in virtual environments?

With our XR pipeline, virtual objects can also be viewed as augmented reality content directly in the real world. Use the full potential and combine VR with AR to XR.


You want to use the advantages of Virtual Reality but don't know where to start?

Contact us without obligation and we will define the best solution for your concepts. Use VIRAO platforms to reduce costs and easily integrate VR technology into your company. ( info(at) )


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