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Mixed reality enterprise solutions


Mixed reality enterprise solutions

Use Virtual and Mixed Reality as an innovative tool:

VIRAO develops Virtual Reality content for process optimization, R&D and for brand communications. Discover our expertise in Virtual Reality and increase your company´s performance sustainably.

We develop customized virtual reality content. Integrate virtual reality in your brand communications and take advantage of an incomparable emotionalisation of your products and brands. Our expertise in the field of infrastructure and the general optimization of processes makes it possible to use virtual reality as a valuable instrument. Experience large-scale projects even before construction began and you will see your potential from a real perspective. We adapt your needs and objectives in a virtual world which shapes and align individually. If you bring your own vision or your own concept, we accompany you to the final development and completion.

Immersive worlds through cutting-edge technology

Visit virtual worlds and collect immersive experiences - VIRAO is using HTC´s virtual reality technology - LEARN MORE




VIRAO launches the first full-service user research tool behavr with the digital agency pilot

With virtual reality technology a new dimension of consumer research allows to walk in the shoes of your target group when evaluating one of your brand's most tangible marketing touchpoints: the retail experience.

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industries & solutions

industries & solutions

Virtual worlds open up undreamt-of possibilities that transcend all boundaries of what is possible today.

Active areas

Active areas


behavr is the first full-service market research solution tapping into the vast potential of virtual reality technology for generating truly immersive consumer insights.

With virtual reality technology a new dimension of consumer research allows to walk in the shoes of your target group when evaluating one of your brand's most tangible marketing touchpoints: the retail experience. Current market research approaches for driving product or retail focused marketing decisions imply a trade-off between flexibility vs. realism of the research design. Moreover, traditional market research heavily relies on consumers´ reflected and rationalized self-reports via questionnaires - often underestimating actual, unreflected consumer behavior. There is a strong need for a new approach overcoming the drawbacks of traditional market research and occupying the sweet spot between research flexibility and realism.

E.g.: Heatmap output of a single user (floor, sides and ceiling)

The Software Tool


Data usage and output

Single and individually accumulated heatmaps | Single heatmaps with background images | Heatmap output in different formats | User behavior video output | • Virtual Reality heatmap scene walkthrough

A full-service research project includes


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See errors in planning from a new perspective and thus improve already existing or planned processes. The potential for savings is huge, make another step forward with VIRAO. From the production line to infrastructure projects and to the presentation of abstract processes, our VR tool is trendsetting and brings your strategy towards industry 4.0.

Active areas:

Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Consumer Products, Process and Plant, Energy, Engineering Services, High Tech - Electronics, Industrial Equipment, Life Sciences - Medical, Manufacturing

Ergonomic design and collision planning from new perspectives

Ergonomic design and collision planning from new perspectives

Application examples

  • Active planning of future production in early stages (planning, Ergonomic Design, bottleneck simulation)
  • Training of specialized staff to start construction of a new manufacturing plant - reduction of idle times
  • Safety analyzes and training
  • Education and training of professionals without local bond
  • Factory inspection without local bond - Worldwide collaboration


Education and Training

VIRAO intersects virtual realities and education to find a common denominator. Teach people complex operations or security measures in a virtual environment. By capturing an entire roomand the use of an appropriate HMD people can test several complex steps in just one place.


R&D - Research and Development

Virtual Reality and engineering create a new level of innovation. See virtual products from a new perspective and analyze error sources and reference points effectively.

  • Enhanced Information through immersive learning
  • Faster understanding through real remuneration
  • Error Source Analysis
  • View data in real time
  • Spatial perception of different sized objects

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Product configurators for Sales and Marketing

Individualisation is one of the new words and a strong increasing trend. VIRAO gives your product or project virtually tangible customization options. From the POS to internal meetings or large-scale projects, VIRAO brings all options to one adventure in your virtual world.

  • External communication for sales
  • Elimination of logistical efforts for the presentation of your brands product portfolio
  • Real size perception of objects
  • Visualization of complex contexts
Coloring at the POS or usage in R&D departements

Coloring at the POS or usage in R&D departements

Product configurators for R&D

Immersive worlds make colors become alive and bring products into "reality".

  • Active experience of colors and individual solutions
  • Acceleration of the decision-making process


Virtual Reality and Marketing

Experience breathtaking scenes and skyrocket your brand recognition

Experience breathtaking scenes and skyrocket your brand recognition

This opens up new possibilities for interaction between brand and consumer. VIRAO develops virtual worlds and integrates your brand strategy. Send customers in virtual brand and emotion worlds. With VIRAO you exceed the limits of what is possible today. From brand communication to presentation at the POS, Virtual Reality sends your brand in the digital age and tests the limits of the possible. Double your communication with innovation and start looking towards the future.

  • Communication of products and brands at the POS
  • Experiences that create impulsive branded experiences
  • Emotionalisation of brands and products
  • Gamification and Story Telling

Further areas:

Architecture and real estate

VIRAO opens up new paradigms in real estate marketing and project planning. From the construction site to the condo, we bring all the available properties locally on a base. Errors in planning can be eliminated before construction even starts, what saves capital and time. In addition, we also simulate the flow of people in major infrastructure projects and thus cover errors quickly.

Aerospace, Maritime industry, Plants and Machinery, Automotive, Automotive supply, Biotech, Energy sector and Oil industry, Life Science, Logistics, Pharma industry, Armament industry, Metal industry, E-commerce, FMCGs (FastMoving Consumer Goods), Retail, Market research, Tourism, Real Estate, Luxury Goods, Media, Entertainment, Marketing, Sports.


Planning with virtual reality headsets

Planning with virtual reality headsets

The simple, cheap and pioneering planning tool iVR box:

Simple, affordable and intuitive. Who does not know the card models in planning phases of production lines? We stop this outdated planning method and introduce iVR box.

Through the use of Head Mounted Displays (HTC Vive) for planning with boxes, the whole process gets easier, faster, more sustainable and more effective.  Walk through your factory in the ego perspective and create boxes of all sizes.


With VR Headsets we move you to the first-person perspective

Plan your factory and and walk through any planning status at any time. Easily change structures by moving virtual boxes. Everything you can make in real life with cartons is virtually possible with iVR box

  • Entering the virtual space from the first-person view
  • Inuitive and easy creation of cartons
  • Change the size of boxes
  • Creating complex cartons structures by connecting individual objects
  • Data storage enables planning even after a long time
  • Presentation of size and dimensions
  • Multi-planning through the synchronous content display on an external monitor
  • It´s a five by four meters large space needed to visualize an entire factory floor
  • Mark cartons individually or leave notes for later meetings with iVR box

By purchasing an iVR box license you will recieve the iVR box software and a coaching on the subject virtual reality with head mounted displays. includeVR provides the necessary hardware and installs the package locally. Get on board and take advantage of one of the most advanced technologies in the world.

With iVR box even complex and large-scale structures can be displayed. Get closer to the final image of your factory, no matter where you are located in the world.



Augmented and Mixed Reality

Augmented and Mixed Reality Applications for Industry and Marketing. Connect your virtual experience with augmented reality applications or to the Microsoft HoloLens. VIRAO offers individual solutions for companies in any industry. The focus is based on virtual enterprise solutions reaches from marketing at the POS, to innovative factory planning. Bring your business closer to the virtual era today!


You want to join the team?

VIRAO is looking for motivated and talented employees. Send us an e-mail and we will talk about future scenarios. We look forward to hearing from you!

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VIRAO is composed of a young and dynamic team of developers, business people and marketing wizards. We have the goal to establish virtual reality as an enterprise solution, to make the future available right now.


“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we replace the apples, both of us still have only one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.”

(George Bernard Shaw)