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XR FutureLab

We convert extremely innovative XR technologies into usable solutions


The VIRAO XR FutureLab. This is where the virtual future of your company comes into being.

XR = Extended Reality. FutureLab = playground for the future.

The VIRAO XR FutureLab was initiated on the basis of new VIRAO projects. We are directly at the source of new and disruptive technologies that will fundamentally change our future of visual perception. We will pilot and test the latest technologies together with our customers and partners. From improved object recognition software to the latest prototypes of future hardware, the VIRAO XR FutureLab gives you access to cutting edge technology in the field of advanced realities.


A prototype from the Future Lab: Face recognition for the augmented display of 3D models

The VIRAO XR FutureLab has tested new facial recognition algorithms for the augmentation of eyeglasses, jewellery and clothing.

"The quality and strength of the 3D model were very impressive, even in difficult lighting conditions. The installation of the technology directly at the POS would be exciting".

By using this technology, various products can be tested directly at the POS in the future. The digital extension of a manufacturer's inventory can thus be drastically reduced and an extension of the digital fitting into the customer's home becomes possible for the first time.


Are you interested in new XR technologies? Do not hesitate and benefit from the potential of the VIRAO XR FutureLab.

You can place exciting ideas and concepts with us or be inspired by new technologies. There are no limits to the possibilities of extended realities and we are here to develop them for your company. ( info(at) )

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